Selling Tips


First impressions are important. It is necessary to minimize the objections that prospective purchasers may have towards your property, by ensuring that it is detailed, thereby allowing buyers to focus on their emotional needs. If you live in an apartment building, liaise with the Body Corporate, to ensure that common areas are clean and well maintained.


Small repairs may be necessary e.g. painting, leaking taps, cracked windows or loose door handles. It is important to act on these, so that buyers are not distracted from the salient selling features.

Clean up

Ensure that windows, walls and bench tops are clean and clear and that all rooms are uncluttered and tidy. Beds should be neat and made up; clothes and shoes should be put away. Wardrobes and built-ins should be clean and tidy to suggest ample storage.

Open houses

Freshly cut flowers make a home appear more inviting. The water should be replaced regularly and wilting flowers removed and replaced.

Blinds and curtains should be opened to brighten your home, and all cooking and pet odours eliminated. Have a CD playing in the background to set the mood, and take your pets out during inspections and allow your agent to deal with all purchaser enquiries.

Vendors can make prospective buyers uncomfortable. Remember, what may seem like enthusiasm to you may appear as overly anxious to a buyer.

Your Eastern Network Realty agent can advise you and assist you in fine tuning the presentation of your property.


Certainly, should you have a beachside home, or a large garden, warmer months may better show its appeal.

Otherwise, the number of buyers wishing to purchase quality properties may not vary that much throughout the year.

However, it is generally thought that the placing of your property on the market should be avoided between the 20th December and the 10th January unless your property is in a holiday/tourist destination area.